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Modular Electrical Centers Solve the 33-Year-Old Design Challenge

Modular electrical centers have been a building block approach to vehicle power distribution and circuit protection for over 30 years. They offer flexibility to custom design an electrical center from off-the-shelf modules. They are ideal for OEMs that need to a lot of option content but do not have the vehicle or equipment volume to justify a bussed electrical center. 

While most manufacturers of power distribution centers have discontinued development of the modular concept in lieu of more modern technologies, MTA S.p.A. continues to not only develop additional modules offering more flexibility but also incorporating new fuse technologies into their modular power distribution modules. This modular approach is just one of many products designed and manufactured by MTA. 

For 2020, MTA now offers 15 modules and a variety of frames, covers, and mounting brackets to build a wide range of flexible modular solutions. 


One of the newest modules to be developed by MTA is module 0301697 (shown below) which contains two unique fuse technologies. The contents of this module are 5 MiniVal fuses, 5 MaxiCompact fuses, and 3 M8Compact fuses. This module provides a direct battery connection to simplify power distribution. 

The "COMPACT" range of fuses was developed by MTA to meet the demands of a market that require smaller and lighter fuses. The MaxiCompact range is meant as a substitute for the MaxiVal and J-case fuses in the same specified current range. While the M8Compact range of fuses combines the high current performance of MaxiVal fuses, which is meant to substitute but requires 46% less packaging space. 

In addition, one of MTA's more popular modules is 0301698 which is the 40 cavity 280 footprint module which can house 20 MiniVal fuses, 20 circuit breakers, 6 Micro 280 relays or a combination of the aforementioned devices. 

MTA has modules that will house all of the following components: 

  • UniVal Fuses 
  • MiniVal Fuses
  • MaxiVal Fuses
  • MaxiCompact Fuses
  • M8 Compact Fuses 
  • ISO Micro-Relays 
  • ISO Mini-Relays
  • ISO Maxi-Relays
  • 280 Micro-Relays
  • 280 Mini-Relays
  • 280 Puggable CAN Bus Module 
  • 280 Circuit Breakers
  • Diodes

All of MTA's modules are designed with secondary locks to guarantee maximum safety and high performance. This modular system is built to resist stress and provide reliable technology. 

Are you ready to move to a more modular approach to your power distribution design? Check out Connector ID's modular power distribution products from MTA.

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