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Small in Size, Big on Power; MTA's Compact Fuses


Automotive fuses have been a high volume commodity for decades. Not since the early 2000s has there been much innovation in slow blow fuses that protect multiple circuits in the growing complexity of vehicle electrical/electronic architectures. MTA S.p.A., a leader in electronic and electromechanical components for the global vehicle manufacturers, is continuing to innovate automotive fusing technology to meet the changing needs of vehicle manufacturers and wiring system suppliers who require lighter and compact products.  Without compromising efficiency and reliability, MTA was able to reduce the size and weight of the slow blow fuse through the development of its Compact range of fuses. The Compact family consists of 3 primary types of fuses: MaxiCompact, M8Compact, and MegaCompact.


The MaxiCompact range is a substitute for the pluggable MaxiVal and J-case fuses in the amperage range of 25A to 60A. The MaxiCompact fuses are smaller than the current solutions and enable significant space-saving when compared to their Maxi (-63%) and J-case (-40%) counterparts. The MaxiCompact utilizes a 6.3 mm blade, which accommodates smaller and thinner wires for space and weight savings. Learn More; MaxiCompact Datasheet


The M8Compact range combines the high-current performance of the MaxiVal fuses but requires 46% packaging space. The M8Compact still utilizes an 8.0 mm blade, but the fuse itself has smaller tolerances and higher thermal performance. Learn More; M8Compact Datasheet


The MegaCompact range provides a reduction in area and volume of approximately 30% when compared to the MegaVal fuse. A smaller fuse equates to smaller fuse boxes and fuse holders and thus weight savings in the vehicle. Learn More; MegaCompact Datasheet

The overall objective with the Compact family of fuses was to lower the operating time tolerance, which equates to greater accuracy, and higher self-heating performance enables the use of smaller wires and less weight. 

Compact Fuse Module

As part of its Modular Power Distribution product line, MTA developed a fuse holder that accommodates (3) M8Compact fuses, (5) MaxiCompact fuses, and (5) MiniVal fuses. MTA incorporated a busbar into the fuse module, which is capable of providing high currents in compact space.

Since 1954, MTA has been developing and manufacturing fuses for automotive applications and is a member of the ISO committee. So if you‘re ready to optimize your primary power distribution check out MTA’s line of Compact fuses and wide range of either hard-wired or bussed-electrical centers. Connector ID is an authorized MTA technical distributor and can provide any application support you may need. 

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