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Connector Identification Service

We have been approached so many times from owners and operators of heavy equipment where they had to purchase an entirely new wire harness from the dealer or the OEM aftermarket network to simply cut off the one connector they need to get their equipment back on the road or back in the field.

With our help, you'll no longer have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get your vehicle back on the road.  Let us assist you and we will find you the correct part(s) and deliver it to you in order to reduce your downtime.

We can provide the individual component part numbers so you can purchase them from our website for quick delivery. We will also provide you with assembly instructions so you can perform the repair yourself. or we can supply you prepped leads so you can simply splice in the new connector. 

If we don't carry that specific brand of that problem. We will still assist you in identifying the correct connector and guide you on the best place to purchase it. It 's just part of the service we provide our customers. 

Simply email us directly at Technical Support with photos of the connector or component that you are trying to identify by showing different angles. The most important photo will be the front view or terminal-facing view. It is always helpful to know what the connector is mating to such as a motor, sensor, etc.