MTA 0100705 Splashproof Micro Relay (7) Holder Kit

by MTA
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Product Type:  Fuse Relay Boxes
Minimum Order Qty:  1 piece
Brand: MTA
Part Number 0100705
Number of cavities: 35
Design Layout:  7 Mini Relays
Product Family: Fuse Boxes (Micro Relay Box)
Sealed/Unsealed: Unsealed (Splashproof)
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Compliance:  RoHS, REACH

Kit Bill of Material:

The following components are included with this kit:

Micro Relay Holder housing (black) 1
Top cover with gasket (transparent) 1
Clips for top cover (stainless steel) 2
Bottom cover (black) 1
Secondary lock (yellow)  4
Terminals (6.3 mm) 1101650 (1.0 -2.5 mm²) 24
Terminals (4.8 mm) 1708400-L (0.5 -1.0 mm²) 16
Male mountinig bracket (black) 2
Female mounting bracket (black) 2