CID9050-6.3-21 Sealed Push-to-Seat Relay Connector

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  • Product Type: Push-to-Seat Relay Connector
  • Minimum Order Qty: 1 piece
  • Connector ID Part Number: CID9050-6.3-21
  • Brand: Connector ID
  • Drop-in Replacement for Aptiv Part Number: 12065685 (P2S)
  • Number of Cavities: 5
  • Product Family: 6.3 Series
  • Sealed/Unsealed: Sealed
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Black

Associated Secondary Lock (Optional):

Associated Terminals:  

Associated Wire Seals

  • CID4511        Wire Seal, 2.0-2.7 mm Wire Insul. Dia., Silicone, White
  • CID4512         Wire Seal,  3.0-3.8 mm Wire Insul. Dia., Silicone,  Blue
  • CID4513         Wire Seal, 4.0-4.5 mm Wire Insul. Dia. Silicone, Green
  • CID4514         Cavity Plug, Silicone, Transparent

 Associated Relays