CID7061D-1.5-21-KIT Field Repair Kit

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Product Type Connector Kit 
Application:  Field Repair
Min Order Qty: 1 pc 
Connector ID PN: CID 7061D-1.5-21-KIT
Brand: Connector ID
Mfr Part Number 12162210
Product Family  GT 150 
Color:  Black
Kit Contents:
Connector w/ Lock 1 Pc
Terminal: 8 pcs (0.75 - 1.0 mm2)
Wire Seals:  8 pcs

Two hand crimp tools are required for this terminal; one for the core crimp and another for the insulation seal crimp: 

CID3305-HCT       Hand Crimp Tool for terminal core crimp 

                                   0.8mm2 Nest E

                                   1.0 mm2 Nest E


CID3306-HCT       Hand Crimp Tool for terminal  insulation/seal crimp

                                   0.8mm2 Nest 1

                                   1.0 mm2 Nest 1


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