CID24-ECU-SICPR Plastic Enclosure with PCB Header

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This splashproof ECU enclosure is constructed of nylon plastic and for lower volume applications where flexibility is important.  The PCB header connector is included with the enclosure and provides 24 sealed I/Os and has an adequate mix of power and signal circuits. 

    • Product Family: ECU Enclosure with PCB Header 
    • Minimum Order Qty: 1 piece
    • Brand: Connector ID 
    • Connector ID  Part Number:  CID24-ECU-SICPR
    • PBC Header Connector: 24 Way Hybrid [(18 x 1.5 mm blades) + (6 x 2.8 mm blades)]

Conn ID PN                        Description

CID7241-1.5/2.8-21         Conn Asm, 24F Mixed, Sealed, Black

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