CID2041-0.6-21KIT Connector Repair Kit for Sumitomo 6189-1231

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Single service kit which includes all the components required to assemble the connector.
    • Product Type: Connector Repair Kit 
    • Minimum Order Qty: 1 piece
    • Kit Bill Of Material:
      • Polybag with label
      • 1 x Connector = CID2041-0.6-21 (6189-1231)
      • 4 x terminals = CID200-0.6-FS3 (0.35 -0.5 mm²)
      • 4 x wire seals = CID1464  

Hand Crimp Tools

Hand crimp tools are sold separately. We recommend using two different hand crimp tools for crimping this terminal: one crimp tool for the crimp and the second tool which specifically crimp the wire seal. 

  • CID3305-HCT     Crimp tool for core crimp,