6100352 SMART Dashboard, 12 Vdc, OST1

by MTA
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SMART is a dashboard designed for motorbikes or similar vehicles with a 12VDC power supply. SMART can be used as a dashboard with the following features:
      • hour meter, odometer, gear, speed, engine RPM, trip data, etc.
      • digital signal interface and monitor
      • analog signals from external sensors
 Product Type:  Smart Customizable Dashboard
 MTA PN:  6100318
 Min Order Qty:  1 piece
 Display:  4.3 " Color TFT LCD 480 x 272 pixel with optical bonding
 Display Features:  Front glass with an integrated indication
     10 LED indicators
     1 light sensor
 Inputs:  12 total (7 digital)+(4 analog)+(1 frequency input)
 OST1 Add. Content:  8 LED bar graph
 (Output)  1 Low Side Driver (2.5A)  + 1 Low Side Drive (0.5A) + 4 High Side Drivers (10W) 
 1 H-Bridge
 1 Vref
 1 Lin Interface
 Output (reverse battery protection)
 CAN Bus termination resistor
Programming System:   MTAStudio

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