200009KIT Field Service Kit

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 Product Family:  Field Service Kit
 Brand:  Connector ID
 Description:  Connector
 Part Number;  20009KIT
 Min Order Qty:  1 piece
 Equivalent to:   Sumitomo 6189-7408
KIT Contents:  1 x 200009 Conn (Sumitomo 6198-7408)
   4 x 200173 Terms, 0.75 - 1.0 mm, Tin
   4 x  200132 Seals, 1.3 -1.8 mm wire dia, Green
   Polybag with label
Alt. Packaging:  200009 (Bulk) 

Part No.  Description
 CID3305-HCT  Hand Crimp Tool for core crimp 
CID3306-HCT  Hand Crimp Tool for insulation/wire seal crimp