CID2010-2.3-21 Connector 1F, TS 090 2.3 mm, Sealed, Gray

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Product Type:  Connector with terminal lock
Minimum Order Qty:  1 piece
Brand: Hulane
Part Number CID2010-2.3-21
Drop-in Replacement for:  Sumitomo 6189-0445
Toyota Part Number: 90980-11428
Number of cavities: 1
Product Family: TS 090 (2.3 mm)
Sealed/Unsealed: Sealed
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
OEM Application: Water Temperature Sensor 
Compliance:  RoHS, REACH
Dimension: L: 24.5 mm / W: 12.9 mm / H: 24.5 mm
Field Repair Kit Part No. CID2010-2.3-21KIT Includes Conn, Lock, Terms & Seals

Associated Components:

The following components used with this connection system and are sold separately. 

Terminal 0.3 - 0.5 mm² (22-20 AWG) CID200-2.3-FS1
Terminal 0.5 - 1.25 mm² (20-16 AWG) CID200-2.3-FS2
Terminal  2.0 mm² (14 AWG) CID200-2.3-FS3
Wire Seal, Wire Insul Dia 1.1 -1.42 mm, Blue CID1504
Wire Seal, Wire Insul Dia 1.4 -2.0 mm, Dk Brown CID1426
Wire Seal, Wire Insul Dia 2.0 -2.5 mm, Dk Green CID1397
Wire Seal, Wire Insul Dia 2.5 -2.9 mm, Dk Gray CID1301
Cavity Plug, Black CID1331