CID200-1.0-MS2 Direct Equivalent to Sumitomo Terminal 8100-3178

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Product Type: Terminal
Packaging Type Reel
Qty per Reel (pcs) 5,000
Connector ID PN: CID200-1.0-MS2
Brand Equivalent:  Sumitomo
Replacement for PN: 8100-3178
Product Family: HX040/HV040/HVG040
Terminal Size:  1.0 mm (male blade)
Wire Size (mm²) 0.75-1.25
Sealed/Unsealed: Sealed
Gender: Male
Material: Brass
Plating: Tin
Dimensions: L: 24.0 mm / W: 1.0 mm / H: 0.64 mm / E: 13.7 mm
Alternate Packaging: CID2011-1.0-MS2-L   (Loose Piece)

    Part Number  Description
    CID1393 Seal, 0.90 - 1.7 mm Wire Insul Dia., Silicone, Orange (7165-1075)
    CID1308 Seal, 1.2 - 2.2 mm Wire Insul Dia., Silicone, Lt. Green ( 7165-0621)
    CID1306  Seal, 1.7 - 2.4 mm Wire Insul Dia., Silicone, Violet, (7165-0622)
    CID1500 Cavity Plug, NBR, Black, (7165-0432)


    Part Number  Description
    CID3305-HCT Hand Crimp Tool for core wings
    CID3306-HCT Hand Crimp tool for Insulation/seal wings