0301887 Pre-Mounted Housing for 2 MegaVAL with Cover

by MTA
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A waterproof fuse holder for a two MegaVAL or PowerVAL fuses. This version includes a cover with a gasket to seal the fuse compartment.
  • Minimum Order Qty: 24 pieces
  • Brand: MTA
  • MTA Part Number: 0301887
  • Product Description: Waterproof MegaVAL Fuse Holder with cover 
  • Alternate Packaging; 0301887-B

MTA PN         Description

1605100        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 16.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605010        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 25.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605021        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 35.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605110       Lug Terminal,  M10 Ring, 25.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605020       Lug Terminal,  M10 Ring, 35.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece



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