0301152 WP MegaVAL Holder with Extended Cover

by MTA
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A waterproof fuse holder for a single MegaVAL or PowerVAL fuse. This version includes a cover with a gasket to seal the fuse compartment and protect the 2 stainless M10 screws as well. 
  • Minimum Order Qty: 24 pieces
  • Brand: MTA
  • MTA Part Number: 0301152
  • Product Description: Waterproof MegaVAL Fuse Holder with Extended cover 
  • Alternate Packaging: 0301152-B

    MTA PN         Description

    1605110        Lug Terminal,  M10 Ring, 25.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

    1605020        Lug Terminal,  M10 Ring, 35.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece