4541203 Jump State Node

by MTA
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A solution for safe multi-way electric power distribution. It also features an optional middle threaded middle pin which serves as a safe power connection to start-up and/or charges external electric devices such as batteries or other equipment. 
  • Minimum Order Qty: 60 pieces
  • Product Description: Jump Start  PDM 3 x M8 Studs


MTA PN         Description

4541204       Jump Start Plug for Power DIstribution


MTA PN         Description

1605100        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 16.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605010        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 25.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece

1605021        Lug Terminal,  M8 Ring, 35.0 sqmm, Cu Sn, Loose Piece


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